Boiler Installation

Boiler Installation

Boilers are responsible for carrying out many functions, from making your home cosy on colder days to running your hot bath and washing your dishes. This is why a boiler breakdown can be stressful, disruptive, and a veritable inconvenience to your daily life. Whether you want boiler installation services or emergency help to fix the issue, you should indeed contact the best boiler installation company.

Get an Installer and a Quote for Boiler Installation

It is essential to contact a local boiler repair company that can visit your place and talk through your heating and hot water needs. A trained professional can inform you whether you need a simple fixed price boiler installation or if you should go for more feasible alternatives with a range of accessories.

We at Tycoon Property Maintenance offer complete boiler repair and installation services, explain the control systems and make recommendations based on your needs; for instance, the features you would like to have in your boiler or other extras like weather compensation, smart functionality, or load compensation.

We will offer you the quote after a visit. Our work includes:

  • Power flushing the heating system
  • Controls
  • Any system changes required to be carried out

The thing to keep in mind is that the overall boiler installation cost depends on a number of factors, such as the type of boiler and the location where you want it to be installed.

Types of Boilers We Install

Our experienced and qualified heating engineers can install different types of boilers, including conventional boilers, system boilers, and combi boilers.

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Boiler Installation

Combi Boiler Installation

Due to the lack of storage tanks and the ability to produce hot water on demand, combi boilers have become popular. The installation is cheaper and accessible. Combi boilers are of different types, and you can choose one according to your nee.ds:

  • Gas combi boilers: These boilers are cost-effective and easy to install. If your property is connected to the gas mains, then this boiler can be a good option for your property, and you may opt for the local gas boiler installation.
  • Electric combi boilers: Electric combi boilers are perfect for smaller properties, especially if they do not have gas connections. Electric combi boilers are energy efficient but sometimes can cost you a bit more, depending on electricity cost.
  • Oil combi boilers: If your property has room for outdoor oil tanks and doesn’t have a gas supply, this option may suit your needs well.
  • LPG combi boiler: A Liquified Petroleum Gas combi boiler requires the installation of a fuel tank just like an oil combi boiler and relies upon external storage, which makes it convenient to replenish and remove once used.

Depending on your need, you may call our experts for your gas, electric, LPG, or oil boiler installation and repair, and let us handle it for you.

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Conventional Boiler Installation

It is important to have enough space for the water tank to feed the central heating system if you plan to install a conventional boiler. It can be an excellent option for properties that can make room for water tanks and have more than one bathroom and numerous spaces to heat.

System Boiler Installation

System boiler installation works similarly to the regular boiler, but there is no need for a separate water tank, and everything is placed in the same unit with a hot water cylinder to feed your radiators and taps with hot water. The installation process of this boiler is a lot easier.

Our Boiler Installation Process

Removal of the old boiler:

Typically, our installers start with the removal of the current boiler; the time this process takes depends upon the existing system and the job's complexity.


According to British standards, our installers will flush and clean your system, but the type of cleaning depends upon the system's condition; a power flush may be required, or a chemical flush may be sufficient. Keeping the system's water clean is necessary, especially when opting for a new hot water boiler installation. A system flush before installation can avoid damage to your system caused by debris.

Upgrades/Changes to pipework:

Sometimes, fitting a new boiler requires upgrades and changes to your pipework. It may not be a straightforward job and may require significant time; thus, contacting experts will be helpful.

Fitting of the boiler:

Our heating engineers will fit the new boiler either in the place of the old one or in a completely new location; however, moving your boiler to the new site can affect the time and cost of the process. In this case, listening to the installer's recommendations is always helpful.


We always recommend a system filter fitted alongside your boiler in line with British Standards. A system filter helps protect your boiler from sludge or debris that may build up over time. Our installer will also treat the system with an inhibitor to prevent corrosion. Other accessories, such as filling loops, control, and flue, will also be fitted.

Commissioning of the system:

Once your boiler is installed and the relevant pipework is completed, our installer will commission the system to ensure everything is working correctly.


Our installer will hand over the system once the process is complete. You are informed of everything, such as how to operate the boiler, use of controls, and understanding of some basic maintenance, although you can always contact us for your boiler maintenance service.


It is essential to register the boiler with the boiler manufacturer so that the product guarantee stays valid. Take the new boiler installation certificate as well, which ensures that you are covered in case any type of unfortunate experience or issue occurs in the future.

Sometimes there is no need for boiler replacement; a simple repair can fix the issue, but no boiler issue should be handled independently. Let the certified, gas-safe registered engineers do their job for all kinds of boilers, whether it is gas, electric, LPG, or oil boiler repair.

We at Tycoon Property Maintenance offer emergency boiler repair services for the following:

  • If your boiler is constantly switching off.
  • There is no hot water or heat on the property.
  • Leakage in the boiler.
  • The condensate pipe is frozen.
  • The panel shows various error codes.
  • Frequent banging noises.
  • Problems with the thermostat.
  • Boiler pressure issues.
  • The pilot light is going out continuously.

Get the most trusted, reliable services at an affordable boiler repair cost by contacting us right away.

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