What Do Boiler Services Entail, and How Long Do They Take?

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Boiler Services – What Do They Entail?

A boiler is a complex machinery with intricate wiring and connections. Boiler servicing is vital to sustaining the safety of your boiler and home. A layperson should not put their hands on any boiler lest they bring more harm than good to the boiler or themselves. It is imperative that they hire an expert for any repair, replacement, or installation.

Just like a car needs a regular check-up, your boiler requires a standard service too. Below are some of the primary reasons your boiler needs servicing:

  • Servicing before the boiler breaks down saves you all repairs and installation charges.
  • It protects you from any hazardous situation arising due to a gas leak in a defective boiler.
  • A boiler in its prime will work most efficiently, not requiring much effort to provide the same amount of heat or warm water, thus minimising energy costs.
  • A landlord is legally stipulated to get boilers in rented or commercial premises serviced annually and receive a CP12 certificate – a landlord’s gas safety certificate.
  • Availing a promotional code offered by boiler cover providers during summer or conducting some checks in summer reduce the likelihood of any unseemly surprise during winter.

How Should a Boiler Service Proceed?

Getting a qualified engineer – and Gas Safe registered in case of gas boilers – is essential for your boiler service. Here are a few practices your engineer may undertake during the visit:

  • Visual Examination

It involves examining how the boiler has been installed, whether it functions smoothly, and if there are any leaks or corrosion in sight. They also check if the boiler still meets the current standards and requirements.

  • Removal of the Boiler Casing

To inspect the controls, electrics, and if the boiler is accurately vented, engineers will remove the casing to probe its inside. They ensure the components, such as the heat exchanger connections, burner, main injector, and spark probe, are working efficiently, and they will likely clean from the inside too, clearing off any grime around the fan assembly. They would see if all the combustible seals are secure and intact and that the pilot light is on and blue – a yellow, orange, red, purple, or green colour hints at a problem. They examine for any erosions too.

  • Flue Check

The engineer will ascertain the flue’s secure fitting and examine if there are any blockages in the terminals. They might also carry out several tests, for example, studying the flue’s performance and taking readings from the boiler of gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

  • Gas Pressure Assessment

The engineer also ensures that the boiler is working at the proper gas pressure,

  • Boiler Started

This lets the engineer inspect any working defects.

How Long Does the Boiler Service Take?

A boiler service takes around 30 minutes on average, but it is mainly subject to its brand, model, and age and, therefore, can extend to 45 minutes or one hour too. You may receive a service report in the end, detailing the engineer’s practices during the process.

What is CP12 (Gas Safety Certificate)?

Gas safety certificate, frequently called CP12, is a landlord’s certificate assuring that all gas appliances at your property are thoroughly checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer and the place is safe for inhabitants.

Landlords have certain responsibilities towards their properties and their tenants: They are supposed to have a gas check carried out at their place by an engineer who is officially the part of gas engineers list, i.e. Gas Safe Register, and therefore, legally qualified to work on gas appliances.

Landlords are obligated to get a gas safety certificate once every 12 months, as mandated by Gas Safety Regulations 1998. Gas Safe engineers are required to issue the certificate and undertake a comprehensive flue and pipework examination within the house, along with any other gas appliances that may be provided to the tenants.

However, if the landlord hires an agent, it is imperative that the contract mentions the person responsible for gas safety. In case of their failure to fulfil their responsibilities, the landlord can face huge a fine and up to six months in jail, unless the responsibility is clearly delegated to the agent in the contract.

How Long Should a CP12 Take?

While a boiler gas service usually takes 30 to 40 minutes, a CP12 would take longer since many more appliances and implements are considered. Typically, it will take somewhere between 45 minutes and 1 hour for a CP12 to complete, with more cases near the hour mark. Yet, the time may increase further by up to 30 minutes depending on the number of appliances, property size, and the nature of those appliances.

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