How Long Does It Take to Fit a New Boiler?

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A faulty boiler is daunting, especially in winter when you really need hot water to run your home and do household chores. If you, unfortunately, face this issue, you have to call some professionals like us to fit a new boiler or repair the previous one. But before that, it’s essential to know how long it takes to fit a new boiler to make a better decision.

Average Time to Fit a New Boiler

It takes 1-3 days to install a new boiler with professionals; this may vary depending upon a few factors or scenarios. We can install a new boiler within a day or even in lesser time. In contrast, if you want to remove the boiler from one location, move it to another place, and install it there, the time it takes may be extended to 2-3 days. 

The installation may require a survey before proceeding with the installation; if they do so, this will also take time. Moreover, the type of boiler you want to install or remove and install also affects the installation time. In short, the installation time depends on several factors that must be discussed for better understanding. Let’s uncover them!

Installing New Combi Boiler

Different Times for Different Installations

Installing New Combi Boiler

It takes 4-6 hours to remove the old combi boiler and install a new one at the exact locations. For your information, this is the simplest and quickest boiler installation if everything goes smoothly.

In this installation process, the engineer removes and installs a new combi boiler with the necessary components and gives a chemical flush if required. It is also essential to clear the mess and packaging of the boilers.

Replacing Regular Boiler with New Combi Boiler

It takes up to 2 days to replace the older regular boiler with a brand-new combi boiler at the new location. Remember, this installation takes extra time because we have to remove unnecessary pipework and a water tank that isn’t required anymore.

Moreover, the engineer has to access the heating system. In the process, they have to lift the floorboards and do all the corrective work to make the installation smooth and efficient. All these things take time and must be done carefully and correctly.

Replacing Back Boiler with New Combi Boiler

It takes up to 2 days to remove and replace an old back boiler with a new combi boiler at a different location. This installation takes more time than the like-for-like combi swap because of the moving, repiping, and flue work it requires.

All boilers need a way to ventilate dangerous gases like carbon monoxide and other particles away from home. Unlike the back boiler, which uses a chimney, a combi boiler features a vent to move these gases horizontally as well as vertically.

Relocating an Old Boiler

It takes at least half a day to move a boiler from one location in your home to another. This is because the relocation process involves a lot of work and must be done carefully and correctly to make the installation efficient and future-proof.

The engineer will repipe everything when moving the boiler, plus install a new flue that extends the time. Moreover, the relocation also takes time. The time it takes increases depending on how far you want to position the boiler in your house from the original position.

What is Involved in Boiler Installation?

Although installing a boiler may vary depending upon many factors, the following are the most common ones in every installation.

Arranging the installation

The first step involved in installing a boiler is arranging the installation by some experts. For this, our professional engineers and boiler fitters can help you. All you have to do is to contact us and share the details for the boiler installation, and one of our team members will be at your doorstep. Make sure to finalise a specific date and time before connecting with the team.

Removing the old boiler

The installer will be at your location on the fixed date and time, ready to fix or install your boiler. They will show you Gas Safety Registration ID Card to ensure authenticity and professionalism before starting the installation process.  

Once you check and confirm their identity, they start the work. It begins with analysing the installed boiler, its fitting, and the site and removing the old boiler.

Installing the new boiler

Once the boiler is detached, the next step is to install it. But another step may be involved in the process, which is moving the boiler to another place if the clients want it. A professional engineer carefully makes changes to the location you wish to install the boiler according to the boiler you want to install.

It involves making adequate changes in the pipeline and wall or space where you want to install the boiler. Once done, the next step is to carefully bring the boiler, put it on the spot, and start the installation. The engineer must also double-check the installation, test the boiler, and ensure everything works fine.

Disposing of Old Boiler and Tidying Up

Ultimately, removing the packaging, cleaning the spot, and disposing of the older boiler is crucial. For this, you can ask the engineer to dispose of everything or do it yourself. Ask the engineer for this; they will clean the spot and dispose of the older boiler.

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