Effective Maintenance of Vaillant Boilers

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Boilers are your property’s backbone, supplying hot water for several utilities. These include your bathrooms, kitchen, and your central heating system. Modern boilers such as Vaillant have numerous accessories and controls that ensure high efficiency and allow you to monitor them regularly. Despite this comfort, your boilers could run inefficiently, leading to heat loss, deterioration of parts, and high energy bills. Regular maintenance and a few valuable tips can prevent these issues and give your boilers a long life. One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that your boilers stay in the best condition is annual servicing.

The Need for Boiler Servicing

Almost every boiler manufacturer recommends that customers get their boilers serviced at least once a year. Annual servicing can ensure that your boilers run as well as they did when they came out fresh from the factory. A gas-safe registered engineer and, ideally, a Vaillant certified engineer should inspect your gas boilers and carry out servicing. The engineer should run a full check of all boiler functions and carry out a detailed inspection. This is imperative for ensuring that your boiler provides you with the utility it is designed for during cold winter nights. Boiler servicing is also important and a legal obligation if you are a landlord. The “landlord and tenant act-1985” makes it obligatory for a landlord to ensure the safety of all tenants. For this, you are required to submit a gas safety certificate every year. Only a gas-safe registered engineer must carry out the inspection.

Servicing Under Warranty

Remember that if your boiler is still under warranty, you should get it serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines; otherwise, your warranty can become invalid. This can even make your home insurance invalid, as your boiler’s service history can also be considered when making any claim. You should also remember that a valid warranty does not imply that your boilers do not need servicing. You should get them serviced even if it has operated for just one year.

Avoid Unwanted Expenses

Regular servicing can prevent many boiler problems and can also identify other boiler problems before they get worse. Cleaning can remove grime and scaling from your boilers and pipes. As boilers are expensive equipment, identifying future problems can help you avoid large repair expenses. Periodic maintenance and record keeping can help you claim any warranties in the future.

How Much Time Does Servicing Take?

Professional boiler servicing will last from 30 to 60 minutes if there are no other issues. The engineer should, however, take his time and conduct a thorough inspection. Certificates and paperwork would follow this, and everything should be over within an hour.

What Are the Important Checks During Boiler Servicing?

  • When your engineer arrives, he should bring his Gas Safe ID card along. This may not be required if you have hired an engineer authorized by Vaillant or whoever the manufacturer is. However, there is no harm in checking the gas safety status.
  • Next, the engineer will perform a risk assessment of the work area. He will clear all breakables and obstructions from the work area. It is good if you remove all breakables yourself before his arrival.
  • The engineer should ideally ask you about any boiler issues you may have faced. He will also check any fault codes appearing on your boiler (if applicable).
  • The engineer will perform a detailed visual inspection and conduct all the checks.
  • Once all the checks have been carried out, he will check all boiler operations and reset all controls to factory settings.
  • The engineer will then tidy up and clean the work area before leaving.
  • Lastly, you can ask any questions you have, and the engineer should provide you with a satisfactory response.

What Can I Do to Ensure Smooth Operations?

Whilst you have to be a gas-safe engineer for handling gas appliances such as boilers, you can take some safe and easy steps to ensure that your gas boiler runs smoothly.

Bleed Your Radiators

Bleeding the radiators will not only keep your home warm but also improve the efficiency of your heating network. Bleeding them twice a year is a good way to keep your system running smoothly. Central heating systems get filled with trapped air over time. These pockets travel around the heating system and can get into your radiators. This results in cold spots and, therefore, inefficiency. Bleeding the radiators will expel this trapped air from your system and ensure uniform heating.

Check The Pressure

If your property has a system or a combi boiler, monitoring the boiler pressure can help you in the early identification of many potential issues. As there is a highly visible pressure gauge in both System and Combi boilers, you can check if the pressure is around 1 bar. If it is lower than that, you can increase it yourself.

Vaillant Support Plans

If the warranty on your Vaillant boiler is over, you can still benefit from the company’s support plans. You can either avail yourself of the “Repair & care” or the ” fixed price repair” plan. The “repair & Care” plan is most suitable for broken-down boilers. It provides you with a one-off repair followed by regular maintenance. The fixed price plan is a one-off package for broken-down boilers with no warranty.

Continuous Heating or on a Need Basis?

You will find several conflicting answers to this question. Some will advise you to let your heating run continuously at low temperatures, while others will recommend you to use it only when you feel the need. You should remember that although you can minimize heat loss by taking several steps but your home will still lose some of the heat one way or the other. Both ideas, therefore, may be as good as each other. Leaving your heating system on throughout will lead to inefficiency and even higher energy costs while it will keep your home warm. Switching it on when needed may take time to heat your home, but it will save you energy costs.

We highly recommend the latter. This method will also reduce the wear and tear of your heating system.

Loft Insulation

Even if you have the most efficient Vaillant boiler installed on your property, if there is unnecessary heat loss, your boiler will not run efficiently and incur high energy costs. You need to take all the necessary steps that minimize heat loss. For instance, properly insulated lofts will prevent heat loss through your ceiling and walls. Loft insulation, double-glazed windows, and cavity walls help you lower your energy cost. Pertinent to mention that you can get grants for taking up such energy-saving initiatives.

Other Ways to Minimize Heat Loss

A reduction in your indoor temperature, even if it is as small as one degree, will translate into considerable savings. You can follow several tips and tricks to cut down your energy costs, reduce heating time, and stay warm during the winter.

Radiator Reflectors

You can get radiator reflectors from almost every other hardware shop. They are designed to reflect heat back to your rooms, thus reducing heat loss.

Keep Your Curtains Closed

Heat can escape from several places in your home, and windows are at the top of this list. Using glazed windows (double or triple) can minimize heat loss, and using the right curtains can prevent it further.

Wear Warm Clothes

You may not want to do this, but wearing the right clothing can reduce your reliance on your heating system and thereby reduce your energy cost.

Keep Your Internal Doors Closed

Many rooms, such as hallways and landings, may not require heating. If you leave your internal doors open, heat loss will increase because the warmth will spread throughout your property. Keeping your room doors closed while using your heating system will result in quick heating and minimize heat loss. If you have an open space living area and find it hard to heat it, consider using partition walls to increase the efficiency of your heating system.

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